Founder, Owner & Consultant

With a background originally in hospitality, I studied at Queenstown Resort College earning a Diploma in Hospitality Management. Throughout my diploma, I developed a love for Marketing, Social Media and Web Design so started my own Dropshipping business.

I proceeded to open multiple dropshipping businesses (product-based) and had huge success in this department. My most successful business, Belle Bikinis did over $150,000 USD in sales in 1 and a half years. Within 1 year, my second business Lula & Co Sportswear did $85,000 USD in sales. 

Throughout learning on the go/experience, reading books, completing online courses, and more, I have worked with over 30+ individuals and small business owners helping with a range of different aspects for their own businesses. Anything from starting up a business from scratch, social media management, coaching in e-commerce, building and designing websites, strategic planning, content creation, and more!

I am extremely passionate and have ensured that I am consistently up-to-date with the latest trends to ensure businesses are using the best strategies possible to maximise their potential! My goal and point of difference is that I am budget-friendly and want to work within a business's individual budget. My goal is to see businesses succeed and grow.  My aim is to give the businesses she works with a point of difference and use outside-of-the-box ideas to help grow the businesses I work with.

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